Verdaccio: An Italian term for black, white and yellow pigments when mixed give a grey to greenish tone depending on how it is mixed.

In this layer I will finalize the tonal values and have a complete monochromatic painting.

The drawing will be refined in this final layer before any color is applied.

The beginning layer of verdaccio.

The beginning layer of verdaccio.

I am leaving some of the bistre to show through in the shadows.

Bistre_27As I work across the painting I am correcting my drawing. The fleur de lisĀ  atop the doorway along with the perspective is also refined.


Bistre_28By painting this verdaccio layer I will be able to brighten up the painting since it will be hanging in an area that is not always lit.





I used a ruler (48 inches!) that has both a vertical and horizontal levels. This made it much easier to correct the hutch drawing.



Completed the decorations on the top of the hutch.



The objects in the hutch still-life were refined.




Another week!