Verdaccio 4

I decided on the window design, flower arrangement and book placement.


Worked on the King Charles Spaniel in the foreground.


Another round on the costume adornments, there are a lot of pearls and folds to refine.


Here are a couple photos of how I set up the flowers and vase. The first is the initial set-up the second is after I had worked on it.

Verdaccio-26 Verdaccio-27


Verdaccio 3

As I continue to work across the composition I am thinking about all the aspects of the composition that will need attention. For instance; the perspective of the room, the design of the panes of glass for the window, what the vase will be or where and what should the books look like. All these incidental objects that make up the room which the characters are gathering in set the stage. It is the challenge and the fun.

Verdaccio-17When I am finished with the stage the painting will be nearly complete.

Verdaccio-19One last figure to do.


Just some animals to complete and a window and flowers and…


Verdaccio 2

This week I spent time working out some drawing issues with the still life set-ups and other background ornamentation.


The window has turned out to be a challenge to draw the correctly. I had noticed that Lady Alice ( far right side) did not have enough room for her feet. That lead to moving the line where the wall met the floor. In turn caused the window look as though it was on a curved wall. Time to fix the window. The solution for this week was to make the window narrower and include the whole window sill.



At the same time I was toying with the window drawing I added the verdaccio to the next 3 figures, Margaret Giggs, Sir John More and Anne Cresacre.



Sir Thomas More’s cloak needed some definition. The folds did not make sense. He was lacking knees! This is one of the challenges of taking a line drawing to a finished painting. Holbein left out a lot of information. He knew that he would have to figure out those details when he painted the finished picture.




Sir Thomas has knees.