Verdaccio 4

I decided on the window design, flower arrangement and book placement.


Worked on the King Charles Spaniel in the foreground.


Another round on the costume adornments, there are a lot of pearls and folds to refine.


Here are a couple photos of how I set up the flowers and vase. The first is the initial set-up the second is after I had worked on it.

Verdaccio-26 Verdaccio-27


One thought on “Verdaccio 4”

  1. Hi Mary,
    I am the art teacher at STM school and was wondering if I could bring my 8th grade class on a field trip to visit you at work on the STM church painting? Would you be available for us to stop over for about 20 minutes any on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or friday between the hours of 2:40 and 3:15? I understand if this will not work with your schedule but would love the opportunity for my students to see what you are doing! Thanks.
    Mary Peterson

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